Business Philosophy and Ethics Charter

Our ethical principles are a key component of our company philosophy. Our reputation within the business community is one of our most important assets. Our clients and business partners expect us to work based on high ethical standards, to fulfil all our obligations and to act honestly and with integrity. Our reputation very much depends on the strict observance of these values.

On the basis of the above, we expect our employees to act in accordance with our ethical principles. We assume that our senior managers live by these ethical principles, that they convey and encourage these values and that they set exemplary standards to make sure that these principles are being observed. They will be the first persons to be contacted by the employees whenever ethical questions arise.

Business ethics and integrity secure our credibility. It goes without saying that our employees abide by all laws and regulations of the countries they work in, and it is also taken for granted that they efficiently and reliably fulfil their obligations. All aspects of their professional activities have to be ruled by adherence to laws, honesty and fairness and we expect the same from our business partners as well.

We are convinced that ethical and economic values are interrelated, that the business community has to strive for relationships based on fairness and that it has to act within given standards.

GKW is fully committed to the basic principles as they have been laid down in the FIDIC Code of Ethics and in the OECD Convention of 1997.

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GKW Consult Principles of Business Ethics

ENGIE Ethics Charter
ENGIE Charte éthique
ENGIE Carta ética

ENGIE Practical Guide to Ethics
ENGIE Guide pratique de l'éthique
ENGIE Guía práctica de ética




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