Our Compliance Management System

GKW Consult has implemented an extensive Compliance Management System (CMS). This program is continuously reviewed, updated and enforced. Our CMS provides clear guidelines for our members of staff, including local project staff. Of utmost importance was the articulation of Principles of Business Ethics to define the company’s guiding core values. In addition, the Compliance Guidelines provide guiding principles for employees that all GKW employees must adhere to in all company business, including the following:

  • employees must not allow themselves to be influenced by public officials and/or competitors through invitations to bribery, fraud, and other improper conduct;
  • employees must refuse, and inform superiors of any efforts on the part of business partners and public officials to dishonestly influence their conduct;
  • employees must refuse any gifts above nominal value;
  • employees must limit their acceptance / extension of offers of dining and drinking, and act within specified rules of conduct when invitations are extended / accepted;
  • employees must notify GKW management of outside employment opportunities or any financial involvement with business partners and/or competitors;
  • employees shall not sign contracts with business partners without having received references and having conducted a compliance check-up;
  • during contract execution particular emphasize has to be drawn on the release of payments and counterchecking invoices.

In addition to the Compliance Guidelines a more in-depth guideline on offering and receiving business gifts has been developed providing employees with a definition of gifts. All gifts above a certain threshold need management approval and have to be documented. Hospitality and Entertainment is covered as well.

But not only paper documents pay tribute to the compliance culture. Training sessions for all employees are regularly conducted to acquaint our personnel with the respective procedures. GKW has appointed a Compliance Officer in the company’s headquarters in Mannheim. In addition, clients and members of staff can report any observations to an ombudsman.

GKW Consult GmbH has moreover recently strengthened the compliance management system by conducting compulsory checks on third parties, such as business partners and sub-consultants before entering into any contract. In summary: GKW has put in place concrete technical, organizational and personnel measures that are appropriate to prevent further criminal offences or misconduct.

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Compliance Management 


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