Ethics and Compliance

GKW Consult GmbH in 2014 introduced a comprehensive compliance management system which is recognised by international and bilateral financing institutions.

GKW Consult operates in high-risk and in embargo countries, mainly with public clients under regulated procurement rules, with funding by international and bilateral donors that apply rigorous sanctions against fraud and corruption. Therefore, GKW Consult introduced and still maintains additional rules and procedures, namely ethics & compliance training in field offices in, gifts & hospitality rules adapted to German legislation, a very restrictive use, if any at all, of business consultants (sales agents), of lobbying, of patronage and sponsorship. 

As GKW Consult is ISO 9001-certified, our Quality Management System considers and implements ethics & compliance issues in all stages of our workflow, in process descriptions, in documented procedures and in printed/web forms, i.e. proposal kick-off, project kick-off, internal reporting, employee dialog, incentives for managers, contract templates for partners and for staff.


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