December 17th, 2021

New Project in Jordan

Wastewater Treatment Plant Na’oor

The Ministry of Water and Environment, Jordan through its Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) has awarded Tractebel GKW and its partner Mostaqbal a contract for Consulting Services for Improving Energy Efficiency in Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP).

The project’s objective is to identify the potential for biogas production on WWTPs in Jordan to generate electrical energy. The in-depth climate assessment analyses the carbon footprint reduction potential, adaptive capacity of the target groups and ecosystems as well as the use of the positive impacts of the climate change for development.

The first output will be a list which ranks the 10 preselected WWTPs across Jordan regarding their “biogas potential” as a decision instrument for financing institutions as well as a project brief of each WWTP for a possible later financing programme.

The second output will be the preliminary design for the first three ranked WWTPs fitting into an investment package amounting to approximately 49 million EUR.

The contract will be implemented over a period of 8 months until July 2022.