August 8th, 2016

New Wastewater Project in Changchun City, China

Existing Aeration Tank

In July 2016 GKW was contracted by Changchun Urban Water Drainage Company Ltd. of Changchun Water Group, Jilin Province, China, for consultancy services for a Recycled Water Reuse Project.

The project is to upgrade the existing Changchun Western Urban Sewage Treatment Plant with a capacity of 150,000 m³/d with application of MBR technology to reach an effluent quality for urban and industrial water reuse.

The project investment has been estimated with approx. 43 million EUR and will be co-financed by German KfW Development Bank under a FC Promotional Loan Programme.

The consultancy services mainly deal with project coordination and monitoring, review of baseline data, process design and tender documents, assistance in tendering, contract award, contract management and change orders in the project implementation phase, as well as assistance in start-up and in the defects notification period.