China, Technical Assistance in Treatment of Wastewater from Special Chemicals Producing Industry

Technical WWTP

Technical consultancy services for a pre-feasibility study for the treatment of production wastewaters, originating from the company Connect Wilson (Penglai) Chemie Co. Ltd. The objective was to analyze and evaluate the current situation and recommend concepts and further steps towards a final ultimate solution for the treatment of the production wastewaters in order to 

  • ensure reliable and sustainable operation and maintenance (O&M) of the industrial wastewater treatment plant assuring sufficient and flexible capacity,
  • meet the discharge standards of the effluent, and 
  • allow economically and environmentally friendly disposal of solid waste (generally inorganic salts). 


  • Data collection and review, evaluation of existing treatment facilities, 
  • Analysis of baseline data and definition of design criteria, 
  • Elaboration of options consisting of advanced oxidation process, vacuum evaporation process, crystallization of salts, and calcium Sulphate precipitation process,
  • Evaluation of options in terms of technical, economic, environmental aspects for long-term sustainable O&M and for integrated water management system, with the aim to achieve zero discharge,
  • Recommendation for solutions and further project steps.

Technical Data

  • Wastewater inflow: 370 m³/d (Phase I), 555 m³/d (Phase II)
  • Na2SO4: up to 24.5 % (11.9 % in average)
  • NaCl: up to 12.5 % (5.6 % in average)
  • COD: 25,000 mg/l in average
  • Kjeldahl-N: 1,600 mg/l in average
  • Investment Cost: estimated 12 million EUR


  • Connect Chemicals GmbH, Germany

Services Period

2018 - 2019


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