Turkey, Technical Assistance for Solid Waste Management

Project Areas

In order to accelerate Turkey's accession to the EU, the Consultant - as a part of a Consortium - prepared ISWM projects for eight Unions in the eastern part of Turkey.

The project preparation consisted in the detail design of eight ISWM systems, including  tender documents and IPA application documents, strengthening of local municipalities for project implementation and compliance with national and EU legislation.

The projects are meant to be approved and ready for financing and implementation under IPA funds in accordance with Turkish Legislation and the EU Acquis. Following unions have been part of the project:

  • COKAB Union (Artvin & Erzurum),
  • Viranseh Ceylanpinar Union (Sanliurfa)
  • Akdeniz Solid Waste Union (Mersin)
  • Siverek Environmental Service Union (Sanliurfa)
  • Ordu Centre Neighbourhood Municipalities Union (Ordu)
  • Hakkâri Municipalities Solid waste Management Union (Hakkâri)
  • Elbistan (Kahramanaras)
  • Silvan (Diyarbakir)
ClientDepartment of EU Investments within the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (MoEU)
Financing AgencyEuropean Commission, Belgium
LocationTurkey (eastern part)
Services Period2012 – 2014
Project Cost2.5 million EUR
Technical Data
  • Served population 
Total of app. 1.8 million inhabitants (2025)
  • Generated waste
Total of 700,000 t (2025)
  • Collected waste
Total of 600,000 t (2025)
  • Technical evaluation of current SWM systems and development needs
  • Preparation of gap analysis
  • Preparation of 8 master plans
  • Preparation of 8 feasibility studies
  • Preparation of 8 IPA application documents
  • Preparation of 8 tender dossiers (services, works and supplies)
  • Critical revision of the institutional / organizational structure of the Waste Utility Department
  • Preparation and preparation of IPA applications for each Union


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