India, Improvement of urban infrastructure through rehabilitation, improvement and expansion of utilities - Aizawl

Design, Supervision & Management Consultancy-Tranche-3 (DSMC-T3) for Aizawl City, Mizorammore

Turkey, Wastewater Treatment Plant Kahramanmaraş

The construction of Kahramanmaraş Urban Wastewater Treatment Plan (WWTP) is a major achievement and environmental benefit for the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş as it will treat all urban wastewaters prior to discharge to the adjacent receiving waters of Sir dam and will provide for sound sanitary management and sewage sludge disposal. more

Colombia, Wastewater Treatment Plant Bello-Medellín

Overall assistance to the project owner including complementary studies, adjustments to the tender documents, support during the tender phase and contract award of the construction works to a general contractor.more

Australia, Wastewater Treatment Plant Alkimos

Alkimos WWTP is first plant in Australia with state of the art odor treatment with photo-ionisation.more

Brazil: Energy Efficiency Study and Promotion of Biogas Technology Bahia

The present project is part of the DKTI (Deutsche Klima- und Technologie-Initiative) program "Clean Technology Initiative of the German Government" which is a line of specific investments to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in countries that are part of the international cooperation of Germany in various economic sectors. The DKTI investment line covers the official technical and financial cooperation between Germany and Brazil, focusing on energy efficiency and the mitigation of greenhouse gases through the biogas capture and its use in WWTP.more

Montenegro, Wastewater Treatment Plant Tivat-Kotor

The project is part of the “Water Supply and Sanitation Programme IV” which aims at improving the wastewater disposal in tourist areas along the Adriatic Coast and includes the construction and smooth operation of the WWTP which will directly reduce pollution in the Bay of Boka Kotorska.more

Uganda, Kampala’s Sewerage System, Extension and Rehabilitation

Reduction of discharge of untreated wastewater into the Lake Victoria in the Kampala area through construction of the two new WWTP’S and the introduction of safe and basic sanitation facilities to the urban population. This will guarantee the long-lasting protection of the ecological equilibrium of Lake Victoria, which serves as resource for the drinking water supply of the area.more

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May 16th, 2019

New social infrastructure project in Niger

On 13 May 2019 GKW has been contracted with the "Program for the Promotion of Education" in Niger.…

April 5th, 2019

New wastewater project in Palestine

To improve the quality of life of communities around Wadi Al-Samen in Governerate of Hebron,…

April 5th, 2019

New water supply project in India

East Medinipur, a district of West Bengal, India is critically affected from ground water…