India, Improvement of urban infrastructure through rehabilitation, improvement and expansion of utilities - Aizawl

Design, Supervision & Management Consultancy-Tranche-3 (DSMC-T3) for Aizawl City, Mizorammore

Australia, Wastewater Treatment Plant Alkimos

Alkimos WWTP is first plant in Australia with state of the art odor treatment with photo-ionisation.more

Uganda, Kampala’s Sewerage System, Extension and Rehabilitation

Reduction of discharge of untreated wastewater into the Lake Victoria in the Kampala area through construction of the two new WWTP’S and the introduction of safe and basic sanitation facilities to the urban population. This will guarantee the long-lasting protection of the ecological equilibrium of Lake Victoria, which serves as resource for the drinking water supply of the area.more

Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, Wastewater Treatment Plant Al Khumrah

Study and design for the rehabilitation and extension of the wastewater treatment plant Al Khumrah.more

Italy, Energy Efficiency of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Monza

The Treatment Process of WWTP San Rocco consists of mechanical pretreatment, biological treatment with C-elimination, clarification, sand filtration disinfection, sludge treatment, anaerobic stabilization and exhaust air treatment. Especially the aeration system and the sludge stabilization showed significant savings potential. more

Morocco, Wastewater Treatment Plant Marrakesh

Supervision and inspection of equipment work of the second phase (secondary and tertiary treatment). The treated wastewater is used for irrigation of a golf course in Marrakesh. The produced biogas will be used for heating of sludge units and local units, the remaining fraction will be transformed into electrical energy.more

United Arab Emirates, Wastewater Treatment Plant Fujairah

Tanqia Dibba FCZ has awarded a contract as owner’s engineer for the following infrastructure components: wastewater system Dibba (main collector, pressure pipes and sewer systems), new construction of Dibba wastewater treatment plant and extension of Fujairah wastewater treatment plant and pumping stations.more

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January 29th, 2024

“La Atarjea” Wastewater Treatment Plant

GKW Consult GmbH (GKW) and its local consortium partner Agua Energía y Minería (AEM) (former…

November 20th, 2023

The Industrial Water Management department is currently working on two new projects for data center operators

For four years, the team has been working on projects for private clients in a future market that…

April 4th, 2023

GKW Consult, former member of Tractebel joins GFA Group

We have the pleasure to announce that Tractebel and GFA have signed an agreement on 21st March 2023…