Hungary, Wastewater Treatment Plant Budapest

Within the scope of the project a WWTP has been constructed with an average daily capacity of 300,000 m³/d and with secondary and partial tertiary treatment.

The plant is located in a former industrial area which has been rehabilitated for housing and recreational purposes.This has set extremely high requirements to the plant design for plant emissions.


The WWTP now serves two drainage areas on both sides of the Danube.

The "Pest" side is draining to one major pumping station which is connected to the WWTP with a pressure line and a river crossing.

The "Buda" side is hilly and drains towards the Danube.

A collector has been installed along the Danube including two major pumping stations and pressure pipelines. Two pressure pipelines have been constructed under the Danube river bed. Sludge is treated by composting with other green waste.

The WWTP has been constructed to FIDIC Design Build and Operate Procedure (Golden Book), and the Pumping Stations and sewers to FIDIC Employers Design (Red Book) Conditions of Contract.

In detail this Project comprised the following works:

  • Construction of the Buda Danube-Bank Main Collector (BDMC) at the Buda embankment together with the widening of the road on the embankment (total length 6 km)
  • Reconstruction of the Kelenföld pumping station and construction of a pressure main to transfer the "Buda" side wastewater to the central WWTP
  • Reconstruction of the Albertfalva pumping station and construction of a pressure main to the Kelenföld pumping station
  • Reconstruction of the Ferecváros pumping station and construction of a pressure main to transfer the "Pest” side wastewater to the central WWTP
  • Construction of the Budapest Central WWTP at the northern part of Csepel-Island, with secondary treatment capacity of 350,000 m³/day
ClientMunicipality of Budapest, Hungary
Financing AgencyEuropean Commission
LocationBudapest, Hungary
Services Period2002 – 2008
Project Cost470 million EUR
Technical Data
  • Inhabitants
1.95 million
  • WWTP
2.1 million PE
  • WWTP inflow
300,000 m³/d
  • Construction of sewers (> 1200 mm)
7 km
  • 3 Pumping stations (total capacity)
600,000 m³/d
  • Average daily flow
300,000 m³/d
  • Mechanical pre-treatment
600,000 m³/d
  • Project management
  • Cost control
  • Project planning
  • Contract management


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