Montenegro, Wastewater Treatment Plant Tivat-Kotor

WWTP Tivat

Being part of the “Water Supply and Sanitation Programme IV” the project aims at improving the wastewater disposal in tourist areas along the Adriatic Coast.

The project area receives many tourists during the summer which represents an important economic factor in ensuring protection of the coastal environment. As the sewer network was extended and rehabilitated recently in both cities the collected wastewater needed to be treated adequately in a new WWTP before being released into the receiving water body.

The overall project objectives consited in treating the collected waste water up to a level where it can be released risk free into the recipient water body and to ensure maximum protection of the immediate coastal environment.

  • Construction of the first stage of the WWTP for about 90,000 PE with all auxiliary structures, mechanical and electrical equipment for a design horizon 2025 (Stage II: 102,000 PE in 2040). The construction was based on FIDIC Yellow Book conditions of contract. The wastewater is treated by Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology, the sludge is stabilized and dewatered prior to disposal at sanitary landfill.
  • Construction of a pumping station to lift sewage from the collector to the WWTP and from the WWTP back to the collector
  • Rehabilitation of an existing outlet at Traste sea outfall.
  • Construction of access roads to the WWTP and pump station

Location (Google Earth)

WWTP Tivat


  • Preparatory services
  • Conceptual/preliminary design
  • Preparation of tender documents (FIDIC Yellow Book) and pre-contract services
  • Construction supervision and post-construction services

Technical Data

  • WWTP with tertiary treatment: 90,000 PE
  • Sewerage pumping station
  • Auxiliary structures
  • Design horizon: 2025 (Stage II: 102,000 PE in 2040)
  • Project cost: 15 million EUR

Client / Financing Agency

Vodacom d.o.o., Montenegro / KfW, Germany

Services period

2011 - 2020


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