Peru, Wastewater Treatment Plant La Atarjea

The wastewater treatment plant La Atarjea, which will be located located to the east of the existing drinking water treatment plant in the city of Lima, will receive the wastewater from Carapongo, Santa Maria of Huachipa, Ate-Santa Anita and Cajamarquilla, all of them town districts of Lima. The treatment capacity will be designed for 870.000 inhabitants (design horizon 2028) and 1.2 million inhabitants at the final stage.

The facilities shall cover full mechanical and biological treatment including sludge treatment and energy recovery (biogas and moto-generators) for 30% of total energy consumption. The plant includes screens, grit chamber, primary sedimentation tank, aeration tank, final clarifiers, disk filters, UV disinfection, sludge thickeners, sludge dewatering, and digestors. Odour treatment is done using photoionization. The project is initially defined to be carried out within 4-years-time.


  • Alternative study
  • Process, basic and final design
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Assistance during tender evaluation
  • Construction supervision
  • Monitoring during the commissioning phase
  • Assistance to SEDAPAL in all project phases

Technical Data

  • Design horizon: 870,000 inhabitants (2028)
  • Max inflow: 1.6 m3/s

Client / Financing Agency

SEDAPAL, Peru / KfW Entwicklungsbank, Germany 

Services Period 

since 2017 ongoing



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