Thailand, Bangkok Wastewater Project, Stage IV

The scheme included a WWTP with sludge treatment facilities to treat a dry weather flow of 150,000 m³/d and serve an existing population of ca. 550,000, plus industrial wastewater and infiltration summing up to a PE of 1 million at an average flow of 150 l/h/d.

The project also included 28 km of sewers with up to 2,500 mm diameter, together with pumping stations and associated rising mains totaling a further 10 km. The project area, which covers approx. 33 km², is a highly developed district between the airport and the central area of Bangkok. 

The WWTP which includes inlet pumping station, preliminary treatment (screening and grit removal), secondary treatment using sequencing batch reactors, sludge thickening, digestion and dewatering has been constructed on 4 levels on a compact site. Wastewater is treated to a high standard with nitrogen and phosphorus removal. Allowance has been made for increased flows in the future with the sequencing batch reactors designed to accommodate higher flows by changing the cycle time and providing additional mechanical plant. The plant is fully automated and includes SCADA.

The contract is a FIDIC-based turn-key contract with the contractor being responsible for the detailed design, construction, and operation and maintenance of the works during the 1st year of operation.

ClientBangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thailand
LocationBangkok, Thailand
Services Period2001 – 2006
Project Cost90 million EUR
Technical Data
  • Flow treatment
150,000 m³/d
  • Population served
550,000 PE
  • Inlet pumping station, preliminary and secondary treatment with sequencing batch reactors, sludge thickening, digestion and dewatering
  • Construction of 28 km of sewers up to 2,500 mm diameter  using pipejacking, pumping stations and associated rising mains (10 km)
  • Due to severe space restrictions, the SBR plant was built as a 4 storey WWTP over a Klong - fully automated including SCADA
  • Project management services include detailed design, construction supervision, operation and maintenance
  • Review of all designs
  • Construction method statements
  • Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation control, automation
  • Commissioning, testing
  • Advising on claims, other contractual issues
  • Maintenance


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