Uganda, Wastewater Treatment Plant Bugolobi

Bugolobi WWTP construction site

Lake Victoria Protection Project II (LVP II) is part of Government of Uganda’s effort towards finding a long-lasting solution to the rapidly deteriorating quality of water in the Inner and Outer Murchison Bay of Lake Victoria, consequently destabilising its ecological equilibrium. As part of LVP II, under the Kampala Sanitation Programme, Phase I, The National Water and Sewerage Corporation is implementing the construction of:

  • the Nakivubo Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Bugolobi, comprising two inlet screw pumping stations, mechanical pre-treatment with coarse and fine screens and aerated grit removal, primary sedimentation, aerobic treatment in high performance trickling filters, secondary clarifiers, mechanical sludge thickening, anaerobic mesophilic sludge stabilisation, biogas power generation and mechanical sludge dewatering as well as odour treatment;
  • the Kinawataka Pre-Treatment Plant (PTP), comprising inlet screw pumping station, mechanical pre-treatment with coarse and fine screens and aerated grit removal and high lift pumping station to convey to biological treatment as well as odour treatment;
  • the sewer extension/reinforcement in Nakivubo catchment area (~12 km, DN 225 to DN 1500) and a new trunk sewer in Kinawataka catchment area (~18 km, DN 225 to DN 800).


  • Geotechnical and topographical investigation, foundation design, environmental and social management plan;
  • Employers design for Nakivubo WWTP & Kinawataka PTP and detailed design for the trunk sewers;
  • Preparation of tender documents (WWTP: Design-Build-Operate, PTP: Design-Build, trunk sewers: construction contract);
  • Assistance in bid evaluation and awarding of contracts;
  • Review of Contractor’s design, calculations and equipment specifications;
  • Contract management and construction supervision, financial administration, testing, commissioning, performance tests on completion and certification;
  • Supervision of 12 months of defects liability period for the construction contracts and supervision of the first year of the Nakivubo WWTP operations contract;
  • Accompanying services (sludge management, sensitisation campaign, capacity building and others).

Technical Data

Kinawataka pumping station and sewerage system

  • Pumping station; capacity (max): 80 l/s (65 m pumping head)
  • Network length, incl. pump main: 30 km; DN 200 - 1,500

Bugolobi (former Nakivubo) WWTP (primary sedimentation, trickling filter, secondary clarifiers, chlorination, heated sludge digesters, mechanical sludge dewatering, odour treatment)

  • Capacity: 380,000 PE / 45,000 m³/d 
  • Phosphorous removal: chemical precipitation
  • Biogas utilization (CHP modules); thermal input   2x 800 kW

Client / Financing Agency

  • Water and Sewerage Corporation, Uganda / KfW Entwicklungsbank, Germany

Services Period

2010 - 2020


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