Qatar, Water Mega Reservoirs Project

Mega reservoir construction works at Rawdat Rashed (status: December 2017)

The iconic water security mega reservoir project is one of the largest of its kind in the world and designed to extend the strategic water stock in Qatar’s water network from 2 to 7 days which will increase the capacity of water storage by 10 times.

At five different sites around greater Doha area, new mega reservoirs are being built along with integrated pumping stations including more than 650 km of interconnecting water pipelines.

The reservoirs and pipeline network, with associated pumping stations, will provide up to 17 million cubic meters of strategic potable water storage. A massive ring main system will be provided between the independent water and power plants, allowing water to flow from the north to the south and vice versa, so that it may be delivered to any location in Eastern Qatar, irrespective of water availability.

GKW Consult in partnership with Energoprojekt-Entel supports Kahramaa in the function of Project Management Consultant (PMC) for this iconic, nationally important multi contract project. To build what will be the largest man-made water storage project in the world when complete, is a complex and demanding challenge to which GKW is responding with dedicated management approaches and profound Technical Assistance.   


Kahramaa, Qatar

Project Cost

4.6 bn USD

Our Services

  • Multi Contracts Project Management
  • Review and verification of all detailed design
  • Review of pipeline tender packages for construction
  • Technical clarifications and bid evaluation
  • Review of contract documents
  • Value engineering
  • Management of all pipeline construction works 
  • Act on behalf of KAHRAHMAA in managing the project and ensure successful completion of the multi project scheme

Technical Data

  • Transmission main pipelines (DN 1600 – 900 mm)
  • Primary reservoirs and pumping stations (PRPS)
  • Pump capacity (max)
  • Water storage capacity (2036) total
  • PRPS 1 - Umm Birka
  • PRPS 2 - Umm Slal
  • PRPS 3 - Rawdad Rashed
  • PRPS 4 - Abu Nakhla
  • PRPS 5 - Al Thumama

650 km
5 sites (each 1.5 km²)
6.5 m³/s
17.5 mn m³
3.1 mn m³
3.5 mn m³
3.5 mn m³
3.5 mn m³
3.4 mn m³ 

Look, what AL JAZEERA is reporting about the Qatar Water Security Mega Reservoirs Project

"Mega reservoirs project nears completion' (read, what THE PENINSULA is reporting on 21 Jan 2018)





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